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My Expertise:

Patents/Utility Models

The prerequisite for a patent or utility model is a technical invention. Your invention must also be new and inventive. A utility model is useful if you want to claim the grace period.


With a trademark you can identify your products as those from your company. A trademark should meet three requirements. First, it must be distinctive and must not infringe any requirement of availability.


The special optical design of your product can be protected by a design protection. On the one hand, you can acquire a national design right, especially in Germany. In addition, it is possible to seek a European design right. The European design law is called Community Design.

Warning and interim injunction

Warnings and preliminary injunctions may be issued if there is an infringement and this is to be remedied initially without ordinary legal proceedings. A preliminary injunction can follow after a warning notice.

Remuneration of an employee-inventor

The inventive employee whose invention has been claimed by the employer is entitled to an appropriate compensation.


You can file an opposition against a foreign patent at the respective patent office, German or European Patent Office, within a period of 9 months after grant.

Nullity Action

You can fight a foreign patent at any time by filing a nullity suit. The prerequisite is lack of novelty or inventive step.

License Agreement

A patented invention can be out-licensed through a simple or exclusive license. A license agreement can be limited to one region, for example Bavaria.

Recent publications and lectures

Artificial Intelligence and Patent Law

Dr. Meitinger describes in the February issue of the year 2020 the consequences of the emergence of artificial intelligence for patent law.


In the January 2020 issue, Dr. Meitinger outlines the conflict potential of patent law with block chain technology.

Lecture December 2019

Dr. Meitinger was a lecturer at the "Karlsruher Dialog - Technik und Recht" of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, University of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and national research center of the Helmholtz Association, with the topic "Blockchain and Patent Law: the next big thing".

Omnibus volume

Dr. Meitinger is co-author of the book "Digitalization and Communication". In his article he explains business communication and digitization against the background of patent law.

Mitteilungen Juli/August 2017

This article deals with the 18-month delay in the publication of a patent application filed with the Patent Office. The advantages and disadvantages of this regulation are discussed.

Mitteilungen Juni 2020

In his article, Dr. Meitinger suggests that the naming of the inventor should also be mandatory for utility models.

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